Cross-Cultural Adjustment and Second Language Acquisition


  • Mahdi Aben Ahmed Jubail English Language and Preparatory Year Institute, Saudi Arabia


cross-cultural adjustment, second language acquisition, acculturation, language socialization


The purpose of this study is to examine how the process of cross-cultural adjustment affects second language acquisition for Saudi students in the American universities. The sample consists of a group of Saudi students studying at one of the American universities in the USA. Interviews were carried out to collect data about daily life experiences of subjects, their feelings, and ways of coping in academic and social community, and also what motivates them to study English, and their attitudes toward the English language, its culture and its people.

The findings of this study suggest that there are several factors for healthier adjustment and greater successful acquisition of second language, and there are other factors that keep a number of the interviewees socially and psychologically distant from the target population, and the target culture. From the findings of the current study, a number of implications and recommendations for future research have been developed to help professionals involved with international students and English as a Second Language field better understand Saudis and their journey towards cross-cultural adjustment, and acquiring a second language. 


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Ahmed, M. A. (2021). Cross-Cultural Adjustment and Second Language Acquisition . International Journal of Language and Literary Studies, 3(2), 290–300.