Communication Challenges in the Military Institution



Communication Practices; Military; Institution; Challenges; Sender; Receiver


This paper examines communication challenges within the military institution in Botswana. There seems to be rigid ways of delivering messages which in the end impede smooth communication practices between senior personnel and their subordinates within the institution. This study adopted the qualitative analysis to interrogate issues underlying communication practices from military classrooms for three years. The target group was middle ranking officers in institution who take Communication and Study Skills course as a requirement for their study at the University of Botswana. Data were collected using open ended questionnaires, interviews and group discussions in the classrooms. The model of communication process and new media were used to benchmark the practices within the institution against what the concepts say. The findings indicated that indeed communication processes were marred with problems that hinder smooth transition of messages from the sender to the receiver and ended up frustrating the subordinates. The study concluded that revamping and sanitizing communication practices within the military institution was necessary through educating the leadership to address the barriers encountered.


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Mokibelo, E. (2020). Communication Challenges in the Military Institution. International Journal of Language and Literary Studies, 1(3), 138–151.