Promoting Environmental Education in Moroccan High School ELT Textbooks



Environmental education, ELT textbooks, evaluation, Morocco


This paper examines the extent to which three Moroccan high school ELT textbooks integrate environmental education contents. The analysis focuses on four environmental education topics namely ecosystems and cycles, pollution, use of resources, and environment preservation as well as their subtopics. The study is informed by the theoretical framework developed by the BIOHEAD-CITIZEN project that aimed at understanding how environmental education can promote citizenship. This study adopted a convergent parallel mixed method design using content analysis to investigate the degree of presence of environmental education elements in Visa to the World, Ticket to English, and Ticket 2 English. The results revealed statistical evidences indicating that environmental education integration in these textbooks appeals to the learners’ minimum fundamental environmental knowledge, awareness, attitudes and behaviors. Ultimately, this study suggests ways in which textbooks could contribute to improve students ‘environmental knowledge, attitudes, and behavior.


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Author Biography

Youssef Tamer

Ibn Zohr University



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Laaloua, H., & Tamer, Y. (2022). Promoting Environmental Education in Moroccan High School ELT Textbooks. International Journal of Language and Literary Studies, 4(1), 317–330.