Filipino-Ness in Anna Felicia Sanchez’s “Martinés”



content analysis, cultures, filipino-ness, Martinés, Philippines


Filipino-ness in cultural beliefs, cultural practices, personality traits, cultural values, and perception of mythical creatures and supernatural phenomena were the main concepts of the study. The research aimed to extract and analyze Filipino-ness in the story “Martinés” by Anna Felicia Sanchez. Content analysis, extraction of passages in the story through frame of references such as; characters, settings, conflict, and sensory imagery were used in the analysis of the story “Martinés”. Filipino-ness in cultural beliefs signifies that Filipinos are superstitious people for they tend to give attention and importance to some supernatural forces. Filipino ness in cultural practices reveals that Filipinos are traditional practitioners of offerings in the form of ritual activities. Filipinos are also practicing “Bayanihan”, especially during crucial times in their lives. Filipino-ness in personality traits shows that the Filipinos despite the problems are experiencing, still are determined and optimistic to surpass all hardships. Filipino ness in cultural values exemplifies the hospitality of the Filipinos to their visitors. Filipino-ness in the perception of mythical creatures and supernatural phenomena displays how Filipinos perceived supernatural forces and entities as an influence of their culture. The portrayal of the Filipinos as strong believers in superstitions is dominant in the story “Martinés”. This suggests that there are still Filipinos who give value to superstitions in this present time. Thus, the story “Martinés” is a vital reference in teaching aspects of Filipino culture in a literature class, which can be also a way to promote and preserve Filipino culture and literature.



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Finished his Bachelor’s degree at Secondary Education, Major in English at the First Notre Dame School in Asia, Notre Dame of Midsayap College.

Finished his Master’s Degree in English at Notre Dame University.

He has taught, Language, Literature and Research subjects.

He is currently taking his Doctorate Degree in Education, Major in Applied Linguistics at University of Southern Mindanao. 




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