Techniques for Interpreting English Proverbs into Arabic



Translatoin, Proverb Translation, Translation Techniques, Arabic Translation


Interpretation plays a role of a paramount significance in sending and receiving messages between people all over the world. It is of vital significance in the international conferences, symposiums and workshops where the meaning must be transferred and exchanged among the participants. In fact, proverbs are considered as one of the most important elements which are used in speech and need to be exchanged among nations around the globe. However, interpreters usually encounter some challenges in interpreting proverbs from English to Arabic or vice versa due to the cultural differences between Arabic and English as well as the lack of equivalents for some proverbs. This study investigates the techniques of interpreting the English proverbs from English to Arabic. The data of this study are collected from two basic well-known dictionaries, namely, the Lamps of Experience: a Collection of English Proverbs by Ba’alabaki (1980) and a Dictionary of Proverbs: English – Arabic by Kilani and Ashour (1991). The analysis of data reveals that many useful techniques can be used for the interpretation of proverbs. Such techniques are highlighted and graded based on their own priorities. The present study provides recommendations for interpreters, translators, researchers which might improve the quality of interpretation and translation of proverbs from English to Arabic or vice versa.        


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