The Effects of the Physical Setting on Students’ Listening Comprehension


  • Bahzad Ameen MA student in Duhok University/ College of Basic Education/ English department
  • Saeed A. Saeed


Listening comprehension, physical setting, EFL learners, teaching the listening skill, listening problems.


Since the physical setting in the listening comprehension process has been proven to be one of the troublesome issues for EFL learners, The current study looks into the possibility that the physical environment impacts students' listening comprehension process. The study aims to find out problems with hearing due to the physical environment. To do this, a questionnaire survey was prepared to serve the aim of the study. The sample of this study consists of 87 participants. Eighteen males and sixty-nine females from 2nd year English department students of the College of Basic Education, University of Duhok, took part in the study. The results of this study show that due to a noisy physical setting (or learning environment) and listening aids, materials, or equipment with volume or sound quality issues, students frequently or often have difficulty listening to aurally presented texts. Finally, according to the literature review, the current study's findings are consistent with those of other studies.


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Author Biographies

Bahzad Ameen, MA student in Duhok University/ College of Basic Education/ English department

Mr. Bahzad A. Haji is a Master student at Duhok University, College of Basic Education, Department of English. Mr. Bahzad completed his bachelor degree in English from the University of Duhok in 2015. Mr. Bahzad has a good teaching experience in various institutions. Mr. Bahzad is currently studying Master degree in TESOL at Duhok University. Finally, Mr. Bahzad is currently running an institute to teach the English language for different academic and non-academic purposes.

Saeed A. Saeed

Dr. Saaed A Saaed is an assistant professor of Linguistics with
two decades of successful experience in teaching university
students of the English language department at the College of
Basic Education in the University of Duhok. Dr. Saaed has
successfully completed his PhD degree in Linguistics from the
University of Essex in the United Kingdom in 2013. Dr. Saaed
is currently the Head of the English Language Department.
His main research interest is on the pedagogical implications
of learning and teaching English as a foreign language. Being
aware of the effective role of the research relevant to TESOL,
Dr.Saaed started an MA program in TESOL in the English
language department in 2019 and he is currently working on
expanding this program to include a Ph.D. in TESOL degree. In
addition, Dr. Saaed has supervised a number of MA theses and
he is currently supervising three MA theses and one PhD
dissertation on various TESOL-oriented topics. Dr. Saaed is a
strong believer in academic researching and developing ideas
through creative thinking. 



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Ameen, B., & Saeed A. Saeed. (2022). The Effects of the Physical Setting on Students’ Listening Comprehension. International Journal of Language and Literary Studies, 4(4), 39–51.