Challenges in Learning Legal English from Students’ Perspective at Hanoi Law University



challenges, legal English, students’ perspective, Hanoi Law University


Legal English, also known as Language of the Law (Mellinkoff, 2004), is an dispensible factor contributing to the development of legal field. At Hanoi Law University, Legal English is a compulsory subject in the syllabus of legal English majors and International Trade Law majors. The question that what obstacles students face when dealing with legal English, however, has not been fully answered at this institution. This present research,which makes use of survey questionnaires as the main method, aims to study the challenges of learning legal English from the students’ perspective. The results indicate notable difficulties arising from the distinctive characteristics of legal English, differences in legal systems between jurisdictions and insufficient background knowledge of the laws. It is expected that these findings propose a number of practical recommendations in order to improve the effectiveness of the process of learning and teaching legal English.


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Author Biography

Huong Nhac, Hanoi Law University

Huong Thanh Nhac is currently an instructor of English at Foreign Languages Department at Hanoi Law University. She earned MA degree at University of Languages and International Studies, Viet Nam National University. Her research interests include EFL and ESP teaching methodology, learning autonomy, student motivation and encouragement.



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Nhac, H. (2021). Challenges in Learning Legal English from Students’ Perspective at Hanoi Law University . International Journal of Language and Literary Studies, 3(3), 177–188.